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ThGrad (Hons), Ministerial training course, Reformed Theological College, Geelong, Australia (1962-1967)

Summer Institute of Linguistics Training Course, Emmanuel College, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia (1967)

BA in Sociology and Studies in Religion, The University of Queensland (1976-1984).


MA (Qual) Thesis “Towards a Sociological Approach to the Study of Early Christianity,” Studies in Religion Department, The University of Queensland (1984-1986)

BD Thesis “A Critical Evaluation of the Ecclesiology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer,” Reformed Theological College (1986)

MLitSt Degree in the Studies in Religion Department, The University of Queensland, majoring in the study of the “Hermeneutics of Dilthey, Gadamer and Habermas” (1986-1987)

PhD Thesis, Studies in Religion Department, The University of Queensland, on a critical application of Gadamer’s philosophical hermeneutics to Feminist, Black and Liberation theologies (1987-1991)


Seize the Day with Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Albatross (1991); Pinon Press (2000)

Dare to Journey with Henri Nouwen. Albatross (1992); Pinon Press (2000)

Catch the Wind: Church Where People Matter. Albatross (1995); Regent College Publishing (2005). Joint winner in 1995 of the Australian Christian Book of the Year Award

Resist the Powers with Jacques Ellul. Albatross (1995); Pinon Press (2000); Regent College Publishing (2009)

Life in Full Stride. OMF Lit. (1996); Regent College Publishing (2004)

Cry Freedom with Voices from the Third World. Albatross (1998)

Gadamer’s Dialogical Hermeneutic. Heidelberg Universitatsverlag C. Winter (1999)

Seek the Silences with Thomas Merton. SPCK (2003); Regent College Publishing (2014)

Wash the Feet of the World with Mother Teresa. Pinon Press (2004); Regent College Publishing (2008)

Let My People Go with Martin Luther King. Jr. Pinon Press (2004); Regent College Publishing (2008)

Whispers from the Edge of Eternity. Regent College Publishing (2005)

The Seeking Heart with Henri Nouwen. Paraclete Press (2006); Hear the Heart Beat with Henri Nouwen. SPCK (2006); Hear the Heartbeat with Henri Nouwen: Reflections on the Way of the Seeking Heart. Regent College Publishing (2014)

Finding Naasicaa: Letters of Hope in an Age of Anxiety. Regent College Publishing (2006)

Ragged Edges: Poems from the Margins. Regent College Publishing (2008)

Hear the Ancient Wisdom: Daily Readings from the Early Church to the Reformation. SPCK/Cascade (2013)

Walking with God: Christian Spirituality in an Asian Context. Eds. C. Ringma & K. Hollenbeck-Wuest. OMF Lit. (2014)

In the Footsteps of an Ancient Faith: Living the Ancient Faith in the Modern World. Regent College Publishing (2015)


Of Martyrs, Monks and Mystics: A Yearly Meditational Reader of Ancient Spiritual Wisdom. Eds. C. Ringma & I. Alexander. Cascade (2015)

The Art of Healing Prayers. C. Ringma & M. Dickau. SPCK (2015)

God at the Borders: Globalization, Migration, Diaspora. Eds. C. Ringma, K. Hollenbeck-Wuest, A. Gorospe. OMF Lit. (2015)

Judges: A Pastoral & Contextual Commentary. A. Gorospe and C. Ringma. Langham Global Library (2016)

Why, O God? Disaster, Resiliency, and the People of God. Eds. A. Gorospe, C. Ringma, K. Hollenbeck-Wuest (2017)

Sabbath Time: A Hermitage Journey of Retreat, Return & Communion. Piquant Editions (2017)

Chase Two Horses: Proverbs and Sayings for an Everyday Spirituality. Piquant Editions (2018)

How Long, O Lord? The Challenge and Promise of Reconciliation and Peace. Eds. A. Gorospe & C. Ringma. Langham Global Library (2018)

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